Churchill & Blakdown Golf Club's Juniors section is thriving. Juniors, of any age, are welcomed to the Club where they can learn the game and, with membership, participate in our various Junior competitions. The development of young golfers is something which we hold dear at Churchill & Blakedown.

We are a part of the ‘Golf Roots Foundation’. This foundation is a brilliant and fun way for juniors to learn golf, from putting, chipping, driving and overall golf etiquette, this course is designed for juniors aged 5 – 16. There is no better way to learn golf than in a real and safe golfing environment.  All equipment is supplied, therefore there is nothing left to do but get in contact with us.

Give The Professional Team a call on 01562 700454 or email us.

Protecting Your Child
Information about the Club's policies regarding our Juniors is available to download by clicking the link. Download.

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