4Ball Golf Back

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May 20, 2020
Rainbow’s End
June 15, 2020

4Ball Golf Back

The Government allows up to six individuals to meet, maintaining social distancing, and so golf moves forward by allowing 4balls.   This allows members to play in the size of group with which they feel comfortable be it 1ball, 2ball, 3ball or 4ball.

For the record the first 4ball out was Peter Hawkins, Geoff Baker, Harry Taylor and Ken Perry.   They were out at a time when many of us were still in bed!

Golf is also returning to popularity and the Club has seen a surge in membership during May.   Club Captain, Gary Williams says, “We are heartened by the new membership influx and this contributes to making us stronger then ever.”

With a twinkle in his eye he added, “We may have to consider restricting numbers.”   He went on, “Only joking now but with the continuing enquiries you never know.”

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