Angus – Press Release

February 12, 2022
Angus’ Presentation
February 24, 2022

Angus – Press Release

A Worcestershire man who has been voted the best in the business says he still enjoys his job every day after more than 36 years in the game.
Now all those years of dedication have led to Angus Hoare being recognised as "Midlands PGA Golf Professional of the Year.”
Angus, an Advanced PGA Professional, is based at Churchill and Blakedown Golf Club where he provides a full service of coaching, equipment and retail to members and visitors alike.
In 2015 the Club took the bold step of investing in a re-fit of the pro shop and building a state-of-the-art indoor teaching studio ahead of Angus taking up the position of Club Professional from the following May.
Since then, Angus has earned widespread respect for the way in which he brings his passion for golf to everyone he teaches, whether that is an absolute beginner or a County or England player. In fact, some of his most enjoyable sessions are with adults from Kidderminster’s Odell Centre, a day activity centre for adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues.
Now the extent to which both Angus and the Club have built such a successful, revitalised operation has led to his PGA award.
He said: “What a great honour to be awarded the Professional of the Year Award for 2021. I have been a PGA Professional for 36 years and gain so much enjoyment out of the game every day.
“I know this award could never have been achieved without the input from and full support of Churchill and Blakedown Golf Club and its members. It is very much a team effort."
Golf Club secretary Bob Julier added: “Angus has brought his wealth of experience to Churchill and Blakedown and in many ways revitalised the Club. Known affectionately around the place as “Arkwright”, due to him being “Open all Hours” it’s plain to see the energy and enthusiasm he brings particularly to coaching raw beginners and bringing them to a level where they enjoy the game and become Club members.”
Angus, who was born locally, lives in Far Forest and balances his busy schedule with his wife and four children.
Angus will be presented with his award by James Brown, PGA Regional Secretary, on Friday 18th February at 12 noon at Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club, in Churchill Lane Blakedown.

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