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Hi Chris,

My understanding of the members’ area is to provide information to people which goes beyond what we want to publish on the main site where it is visible to the public. The core of the website is there as an advertisement but I think it can be aimed at both existing and prospective members as well as potential customers of other services the club can offer beyond golf. Development of the members’ area could set ourselves apart from other clubs and encourage more visibility of goings on. As someone who doesn’t make it to the club often enough to feel fully involved, I think it would be of benefit.

Some other ways we can develop this: (I’m flying kites here)
– Add in a members’ shop perhaps offering a click of collect service
– Add course notifications with images such as GUR or temporary greens notification.
– The club pro project needs somewhere where information can be accessed providing a history and timeline of developments. Something I don’t imagine we’ll be sharing with our competitors.
– It has been suggested to me that members could book tee times for competitions perhaps removing the need for paper time sheets in the future (I’m dubious about this one as I can’t see it suiting all members just yet)
– Post images to potentially be featured on the site. New content is always welcome and is essential.
– Discuss current news – opening up conversation between members who may not have even met.

I agree that howdidido provides competition results and I have advised others that I don’t think the club would benefit from investing in this functionality through the website as the monetary investment required would be unjustified when an “off the shelf” solution is available free to those who want it.

I agree that we should be asking the members how they would like to use the site. Perhaps put together a survey which can be filled out over the next couple of months with a box for entries in the clubhouse. Some may wish to stick with what we have currently. I’d rather know now than build functionality for the sake of a few people who may benefit. The suggestions I have made above may be beyond what the club wants or needs at the moment.

I would also like to see members engaging with the main site as well, posting comments on the news section, sharing things through social media, which will benefit the site for SEO purposes.

It will be good to open up discussion between the group we have given access to for the time being. I’m open to all ideas 🙂