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Sorry for taking so long to make comments but here goes……
Firstly well done everyone for getting this going. My comments are probably biased towards new members, as a reasonably ‘new’ member these are just suggestions;
– On the contact page could there be a place to down load a photo? Very helpful when you don’t know who’s who.
– Competitions – Could there be a page which lists all of the comps, what they are, who they are aimed at, where to sign up etc (ladies already have some of this info in a file) date by which to sign up, how to find a partner, etc. New members don’t enter a lot of the comps because they dont know this info.
– Message Board – to leave a message asking for a partner for a comp
– Diary – more information in the link on each diary entry
– Mobile Phone – needs to be more compatible with phone – I preferred the diary when you tried it as a list Lucy, it was easier to use. Photos don’t open easily
– Congrats Board Page for weekly competition winners.
Hope this is helpful