Flexup Membership

Flexup Membership has been launched to meet the needs of golfers who love the club environment, like being involved in a club but for a variety of reasons are not able to play as much as they might like.

Offering three points-based bands plus the capacity to Top Up points, Flexup is a perfect platform for those who love their golf, want to get further into our sport but don’t yet want to commit to a full membership of the Club.

The three bands offer 65, 120 or 200 points with the points for either 9 or 18 holes varying depending on time of day. Flexup includes the chance to play in Club Medals and Stablefords.

Band 1 £460
Band 2 £310
Band 3 £210

To find out the full terms and to see if Flexup is right for you, give the PGA professional team a call on 01562 700454.