Murder at the Club

First for Richard
October 7, 2022
Fireworks Display
November 12, 2022

Murder at the Club

The ever popular Murder Mystery Night was played out in the clubhouse.
Pictured is Tim Rutherford (r) with his "Gotcha" players. They produced an enthralling and bewildering evening of murder and mystery. With a cast of Gloria Sleggs, Karl Sperg, Jennifer Newsome-Pratt and Bo Tiddley, Inspecter Bottom had his work cut out getting to the bottom of the crime!
With nearly 70 members and guests on the case, including serving Police Detectives, only 3 people got the murderer!!!!
The winner was Pete Casasola, being the only person who named the murderer and motives correctly.
All enjoyed the night and Lesley produced a fabulous dinner with Alys, as ever, making sure no one was thirsty.

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