May 13, 2020
When time stood still
May 15, 2020


On behalf of the club, Captain Gary and Pro Angus, welcomed the early starters, Suzanne and Jon Cooper back to the 9th. They were also presented with a memento of this unique occasion. Smiles all round. Social distancing being maintained.

Suzanne and Jon commented:-
“We can’t tell you how impressed we were with the fairways. The verticut has certainly worked on the greens, they’re great. The greens staff have done a super job. Our first game of golf today will certainly be a memory we won’t forget with the quietness of the course, the noise of the birds on the 7th protecting their nests and Sue Bradley on the 5th cheering to be out on the course.”

A big thanks, of course, to Mark and Darren for all their hard work during the close down period.

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