Women’s Golf Month

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May 22, 2017
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June 24, 2017

Women’s Golf Month

Lady Captain, Judith Perry, Club PGA Professional, Angus Hoare and Junior Member, Olivia Williams

Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club swings into action for Women’s Golf Month by aiming to bring more women into golf with a taster session targeted at beginners.

PGA pro Angus Hoare will host the FREE two hour session on Friday, June 30th from 4-6pm.

The session is designed to give newcomers the chance to enjoy their first experience of the sport in a fun and relaxed environment.

Angus is running the event as part of the club’s support of England Golf’s  Women’s Golf Month.  While golf is a sport rooted in history and tradition, more and more women are taking up golf, attracted by its numerous health and fitness benefits plus the social side of the sport.

Angus said: “The club is keen to support Women’s Golf Month and this is an open invitation to any women to come and find out a bit more about golf and have a go in a relaxed and friendly environment.  Down the years I have coached dozens and dozens of women and it is always rewarding to see beginners take their first steps in golf and then flourish as they make new friends and enjoy all the associated benefits the sport brings.”

The list of benefits attributed to golf include burning on average 700 calories over 9-holes, reduced stress levels, increased blood circulation, stronger bones and better sleep.  Golf remains a very sociable game that quickly bonds individuals into groups, allowing people to meet people in a way that many other activities won’t allow.

If any ladies are interested in attending the session simply email angus@ahgolfacademy.co.uk so he can gauge numbers.  You will be very very welcome.

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