A Brief History

A Brief History

The idea of introducing the game of golf to the Blakedown area first appealed to Charles Faux in 1926. At that time golf was played mainly by the gentry and the middle classes but nevertheless, Charles decided that he would cut a few holes on the old cricket pitch which lay on common ground near Churchill Pool. He was encouraged by the fact that his proposals generated some interest and in the same year the Golf Club was founded on a parcel of land nearby. The land was sub-leased and still carried the right to graze cattle and sheep.

The original course was designed by a Mr W Bingham and the first clubhouse was an old iron shed. At some time in the 1930’s this was replaced by an old cricket pavilion purchased from a local cricket club.

During the Second World War golf continued to be played even when a searchlight battery was located between the 1st and 2nd holes. From 1945, club membership began to grow and new members had to scrape together the fee of £1.55, in today’s money. Soon after a professional was appointed, Pop Taylor, who travelled by train or bus from Dudley. Although, evidently, he often walked!

Surprisingly, as there were no green keeping staff, the course was maintained by the members themselves. They were assigned one green to look after on a weekly basis and a fine was imposed for any shirking the work. The fairways were cut by towing a gang mower behind a member’s Land Rover. Around 1947 a much needed roadway was constructed to enable members to bring their cars to the clubhouse and this created a link between the bottom and top of the course. A second design saw the course lengthened to 5,399 yards with a par of 68. Shortly after the members were able to purchase the land from Lord Cobham. In 1986 more land was acquired and the new course, mainly as we know it today, was designed with a measurement of 6,472 yards and a par of 72. Subsequent minor alterations have resulted in a length of 6,469 yards.

Over the years the clubhouse has seen numerous changes, mostly by extending, but by 2004 it was decided to totally rebuild resulting in the facilities that exist now. A state of the art swing studio was added in 2016.

Today the Club has a full team of dedicated and talented green keepers, an efficiently run administration office, a full team of golf Professionals and first class food and beverage.

Over the period since 1926 the course has developed from a few holes on a cricket pitch to the splendid course we enjoy today, with its inspiring views across the glorious Worcestershire countryside.

Much is owed to those early entrepreneurs, who conceived the original idea, and members, who gave their time, to ensure that today, Churchill and Blakedown Golf Club is a leading members club in the area.