• October 2021 New Club Captain

    Jeremy Price appointed the new Club Captain.

    Club captain
  • May 2016 New Professionals

    New professionals appointed and swing studio built
  • 2008Third Hole Amended

    In 2008, trees were cleared on the first and third holes in order to create a new dynamic to both holes. Trees cleared on first hole
  • 2004Club House Rebuilt

    Clubhouse totally rebuilt to give the building seen today. patio
  • 1986Further land purchased

    Further land purchased and course extended to some 6,500 yards. Course extension
  • 1977Course purchased

    Members raised sufficient funds to purchase the course land.
  • 1926Club founded

    Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club was founded after Charles Faux & William Grazebrook leased land with Lord Cobham agreeing to the sublease. Early golf club members
  • 1926An introduction to golf

    Golf was introduced to Blakedown by Mr Charles Faux who is said to have cut a few holes on the old cricket pitch. Charles Faux