Ladies Annual Dinner

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November 15, 2019
The Club’s Spirited Ladies
December 12, 2019

Ladies Annual Dinner

‘Sometimes being with your friends and golfing is all the therapy you need’

An evening of fine food, wine & festive cheer was to be had on Tuesday 3rd December as 42 of the ladies section enjoyed their annual dinner. The club house, beautifully decorated for Christmas, set the scene and Lesley provided a delicious three course meal.

Sally Palmer, Lady President, said Grace and proposed the Loyal Toast. Thanks, on behalf of all the ladies, was humorously given by Val Sherman (would anyone expect anything less from Val?).

A lovely atmosphere of chatter and laughter filled the room, continuing throughout the night.  Following the meal, entertainment kept the evening rolling along. The Lady Captain’s Quiz, where random wisdom was put to the test, was sharply contested with the expected level of competitiveness. A contest of ‘Heads and Tails’ was won by Lynda Julier (slightly less competitive) and the funny – photo caption winner was Dot Jones.

As everyone knows, these events can only take place with the determination and enthusiasm by key people, and this occasion was no exception. Therefore, huge thanks to Julie – Lady Captain, Nicki Cash and the team who organised this lovely night. Thanks also to Lesley and her catering team for the super food and the waiters/waitresses who provided excellent service.

Altogether fabulous! 

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