Membership Scheme Flexes Its Muscles at 50

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October 30, 2017
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November 16, 2017

Membership Scheme Flexes Its Muscles at 50

Julie with Phil

Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club has teed up its 50th Flex-Up member just six months after the scheme was launched.

The membership category was the idea of the Club’s PGA professionals Angus Hoare and Phil Lathwood and was aimed at attracting new members and generating revenue during the Club’s quieter times.

Flex-Up has proved ideal for beginners just getting into the game who perhaps don’t want to commit to full membership fees yet or golfers who love golf but simply don’t have the time to justify full membership.

Among those to fall into this category is Julie Yardley who has been playing for a year and also has regular coaching with Phil.

“As someone who works I have limited time so can only play once or twice a week at most so this is ideal,” she said.  “I started to play last year because my husband plays and once I had a go I fell in love with it.  I’ve been made to feel very welcome at Churchill and Blakedown and my game has come on massively with Phil’s help so I’m really enjoying the Flex-Up experience.”

The Club’s long-term aim is to encourage Flex-Up members to move up to full membership which several have already done.

If you are interested in Flex-Up or just getting into golf call Angus or Phil in the pro shop on 01562 700454 and find out more or look elsewhere on the website for further details.

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