Senior Captain’s Away Day

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April 7, 2022
Champion – Our Elliott
August 23, 2022

Senior Captain’s Away Day

The Senior Captain’s away day was held at Oxley Park Golf Club in Wolverhampton.
The slightly reduced temperature on the day, after the recent run of extreme highs was an added bonus and 28 players made the day a great success, Oxley Park GC has to be complimented for their hospitality and general organisation to make our visit a real pleasure.
During the meal to end the day, the fun continued as the whole day had been, with good spirits and sharing of stories of the day, not least of all, tales of a golf ball and a tree trunk! This involved Alan Cotterill who did not have the golf gods shining on him. Several lost balls, plugged balls at front of bunkers and then (as the picture shows) holing out in a tree trunk running parallel to the fairway. Rabbit scrapes were forlornly sought and Ian Maddock's kindly gesture to lend him some appropriate droppings being refused (evidently Ian carries a supply in his golf bag), he had no alternative but to take the necessary penalty drop.
Prizes went to Geoff Thornhill with 22 points and John Smith with 23 on count back, for best front and back nine, with Tim Robinson and John Smith hitting closest to the pins on two different holes. Two’s from David Higson and Pete Cash grabbed new balls for their efforts.
A fun prize going to Mike Preston for a bad day in loosing golf balls, not something Mike is not known for!
Third place with 38 points going to Francis Trinham, second place Martin Grange with 41 points with Trophy and overall winner after count back, going to Tim Robinson with a one point advantage on the last 3 holes.
Congratulations to all that won prizes and thanks to everyone that participated in the making of a great away day.

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